Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cultural ministry of Luobaniya • 罗巴尼亚国文化部, take great pleasure in informing you that the tedious work of repairing dead links started again in ernest. Since “the MegaDeath” struck and left us with much digital debris the energy to do so has been void and the ambivalence of once again living at the whim of “the hosting nations” * has further postponed any serious restauration work. This will now change and it may therefore be rewarding to report links that are not working!
* See ▼ Constitution of Luobaniya ▼

The citizens of Luobaniya are again singing from the mountaintops and wishing you all well!


аффтор said...

really great news. cheers up to the people and government of the sovereign, independent and good-willing Luobaniya.
an aged laowai

аффтор said...

BTW, i was late to get these Omkarnath Thakur album rips:
Omkarnath Thakur • Desi-Todi, Bhajans - 1971

Pandit Omkarnath Thakur • Todi, Malkauns from 78 rpm plates

the links are dead now.
is it possible to see them fixed?
thanks in advance.
a (a.l.)

gilhodges said...

I love hiking through this marvelous and enchanting land. Funny thing how my compass just goes haywire.

reservatory said...

We salute you.

Sun Ira said...

I'm singing in joy!

bolingo69 said...

I'll fix the Omkarnath Thakur shortly …

electropeasant said...

i'm so excited that you're back at it! the whole nation of luobaniya honors you! you've been my favorite blog for a good while, i even tracked down one of those yemeni lps (the one with 'you said you would forget me' on it) as it wasn't enough just to listen to the mp3s. you're doing the world, spirit and otherwise a tremendous service. profoundest love gratitude.

bolingo69 said...

Thank you all for kind comments and don't forget to point out dead links. I am busier than ever fixing them and I am woking backwards so I did 25 by now but I have to repack and sometimes re edit some of them but I am making progress … I am sorry I have neglected it so long but it was out of necessity. I will continue to refresh dead links and then hopefully I will find some time now and then to post some new music. There are really really many in a “semi ready” stage but all of this takes time so we will see … Keep dropping by and you will perhaps have a pleasant surprise!

autumnleaf said...

so very pleased that you are here and about...whatever shift has occurred in your working responsibilities, I am glad you have re-entered the flow..among the many tasks at hand I wonder, what became of the Cricket? the sultry summer languishes now, waiting for my autumnal time....

Giri Mandi said...

Homages, best wishes, and immeasurable gratitude!

Janas said...

Many thanks, dear Bolingo for updating and keep alive your sensational blog!

Lord Haw Haw said...

Great to see you up and about, the world needs the Nation of Luobaniya, now more than ever.

dial africa said...

Your blog is full of wonders. Wonderful.

a fellow Luobaniyan said...

I don't know how to express my gratitude to a stranger, but I must.
It is a year ago I stumbled on your blog, and because of this my aural world was profoundly changed. It is through these old recordings that I have discovered a timelessness, not only in music but in everything. Whether it is from Zaire or Indonesia, whether it was recorded in 1932 or 2132 it touches my soul, some of it would in many other circumstances be avant garde, but this is as natural as nature itself. Future ancient music or ancient future music. I never did drugs, yet this music has shifted my sense of reality and expanded my horizons in all dimensions.
So I just want you to know that the efforts you have given so far has had great meaning for at least one person, and undoubtedly many more, both in the present and in the future. I thank you and look forward to whatever I will receive next.

oolong32 said...

Thank you very, very much for you efforts!

Highwire Gallery said...

I wish to thank you for making this wonderful music available. Sadly when I ry to download now I get a "permission denied by uploader" message.. Hoever I'm glad I was able to access some of these treasures!

El Gallo Rojo said...

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